Günışığı Kitaplığı 2012

Kerem is very unhappy because they will be vaccinated at school today. Kerem is afraid of vaccines because of his allergy. Other children who are also afraid break into tears while they are waiting in line. The children’s tears flow in floods. A routine vaccination day turns into an adventure that could only take place in Antiquity. Kerem and Selim Amca the school bus driver who used to be a sea captain try to find a way to take the cross eyed ship Kibele to its true owners Captain Osman and Mualla.

Müge İplikçi who met her young readers with her colorful stories in Uçan Salı (Flying Tuesday) and young adult readers with her novel Yalancı Şahit (False Witness) tells an entertaining story in her new book. The story is inspired by the true voyage of the trireme Kibele reconstructed true to the original for the “From East to West, Focha to Marseille, a Journey in History” project of 360 Degree Research. Project being one of the applied archaeological projects was completed in 56 days in 2009. This unique voyage of nautical archaeologyis immortalized with İplikçi’s masterly fiction and enriched with Sedat Girgins colorful illustrations.