CEMRE (Novel)

Everest 2006

Müge İplikçi, in her new novel Cemre, introduces us to new people in the vicinities of her first novel Kül ve Yel but in new time zones. She carries her three women protagonists from 1960s to 1980s then to 2000s. The women scattered by traces left from two big political subversions on their lives and their souls, though give up everything, don’t give up their words. There’s nothing they can addict to, but they are addicted, there’re not men they can fall in love with, but they’re in love. Besides, having told their last words, they are at ease while throwing them into water. And the people finding themselves in life rather than living their own identities… Do the relationships Cemre’s women have show us that we live in a tragedy during long time zones? Though what is told is tragic, the humor filtered through Müge İplikçi’s narrative style is generously presented to careful readers. Cemre, a journey to eternity made by small letters and the meaning hidden in these letters, will leave a mournful smile on your face as well. Cemre also shows us the change of Müge İplikçi from postmodern narrative styles to a new novel style. It enquires ways to tell the new times we go through and present day people’s problems. This new novel of Müge İplikçi, who is pointed to be one of the expert authors of our literature in the future, is worth discussing with criticisms it brought to our lives in addition to literary features which won’t frustrate the readers’ expectations.