Varlık 2002

This book analyzing women, womanhood is composed of sixteen texts touching upon many various topics from the act of cleaning to internet, from earthquake to motherhood, from holiday to magazine. In these texts intending to make visible what is invisible in fact what is not wanted to be seen, the important thing is not to answer but to ask a question, to create a vision in which social gender concept is not missing and to invite the woman to exist for herself. Tweezers are a tool, extremely specific to women, and which they use to remove ‘things’ that create trouble for them. The ones being caught in Müge İplikçi’s and Ümran Kartal’s tweezers show us that looking at the mirror with tweezers in their hands is exactly being concerned about the world. This book is an undeniable sign of women’s approaching one step further to the Information Tree which has been forbidden for them for thousands of years. FATMAGÜL BERKTAY