Everest 2008

One of the most original authors of contemporary Turkish literature, Müge İplikçi takes the reader on a journey into the dark world of the CIA’s rendition program, established as part of America’s war on terrorism. The novel is built around the stories of Zahide Sohni Mühür, whose life is shattered by this program and a Turkish journalist Emel, who lost her husband and son in the earthquake of Gölcük in 1999. The reader is shocked to witness Zahide’s helplessness in facing “the present” and the games the human brain can play when persecuted. The plot twist at the end of the novel takes the reader by total surprise. In Mount Kaf, İplikçi skilfully uses language, in its own right, as a fiction tool, and the poetics of the novel remains unscathed despite her strong political stance.