KÜL VE YEL (Novel)

Alkım 2004

In Kül ve Yel, Müge İplikçi tells us a family story spanning over years, starting from the themes of remembering and forgetting. The adventure of Fehime, the protagonist of the novel, starts in a town called Yelkovankuşu and is shaped in rooms of a magnolia-treed house with different scents and colors. Fehime, who is shut in a nursery after catching Alzheimer, perpetually watches television in her room. She once remembers once forgets what her family experienced. And she equates the war declared thereat with the fire set out 20 years ago in leather factories in Şerbetçi, very near to Yelkovankuşu. In old Fehime’s mind the present is in the past, just like, the place is in the place. While Müge İplikçi invites us to the galleries of remembering – forgetting and the beyond, she likes playing in the moment in Kül ve Yel, similar to what she does in her other books.