PERENDE (Short Story)

Everest 1998

“A stronger inner voice clarified those days more groundlessly: Then there was a mad violinist, said that inner voice, frolicsome Zeki, experienced rocket man Hilmi. When Hilmi fired the rockets, a city of a bazaar front would burn, a front of a bazaar. He’d look at the sky, Oh God what a festivity it is, he’d say. The mad would press on broken fiddlesticks; he’d shake the rubber of his pajamas. The frolicsome would go off his nuts, with a catapult in his hand, he’d throw, throw, misshapen stones. Tailor Ahmet would drive the coal iron on the table, Buddy, that’s enough, buddy, he’d fling out to the street. The city would burn far away. The mad would play perpetually. The pumper would pass by some time, Salih from Tokyo would throw deuce five. On tea glasses there were thin silvery circles…” Müge İplikçi’s washing a shore to our story island with the last wave the young generation created was an unexpected chance. We understood how important it was in her books after her first book Perende. While she was climbing up higher with each of her new book being published we became her close readers. The human of the world she created with the help of the facilities of the postmodern, her style of proposing problems of young women, looking for the story in big relationships instead of life joy were surprising. This specific interpretation she brought to the postmodern shed light on the story to gain new styles. Perende, together with Müge İplikçi’s other books, is a sparkling originating point in her search creating totally a landmark. -Semih Gümüş-