Everest 2002

In Arkası Yarın, Müge İplikçi gave us clues of the journey she would set out to widen the limits of her storytelling. In her new story book Transit Yolcular, she sets off by underlining this; besides, she takes along her reader who believes in the illimitable, independent power of the story. She experiences a new style by carrying the event outside of the story as much as she can; she kneads the language, she jokes with the language, she plays with the language. She creates a new time. She gets the utmost enjoyment out of writing freedom. In stories where action and inactivation are within each other, roads and “continuity” have different importance. When Nida, who has an important function in connecting stories to each other, takes her place in ‘Ren’ plane, we the readers take our seats. Because Müge İplikçi reminds us that everyone is a ‘transit traveler.’