Günışığı Kitaplığı 2010

Like all children, Sibel experiences reality and imagination at the same time and her greatest desire is to fly! She always “flies” even when she goes to the Tuesday Market with her mother and twin siblings or when placing the sesame bagels she just bought around her wrist! However, she is scared to death when she loses her mother in the crowd. She wishes she had wings so she could see the market place from above. Who will help this flying enthusiast kid.

In her first book for children, Müge İplikçi, one of the important writers of modern Turkish literature carries her readers after a little girl’s dreams and passion for flying. This colorful story about the daydreamer Sibel, takes the readers back and forth between reality and fanstasy with its powerful fiction based on social realities that people mostly ignore and on humanistic values that are about to be forgotten. With its extraordinary illustrations by Mustafa Delioğlu and original graphic design by Suzan Aral this book is a masterpiece of children’s fiction.