Müge İplikçi - Biography

Born in Istanbul, Müge İplikçi graduated from Kadıköy Anatolian High School and studied English Language and Literature at Istanbul University.

She earned two master’s degrees, one from Istanbul University in Women’s Issues and Research Department and another from the Ohio State University.

She received three literary awards and published five short story collections: Perende/Somersault (1998), Columbus’un Kadınları/Columbus’ Women (2000), Arkası Yarın/Cliffhanger (2001),Transit Yolcular/Transit Passengers (2002), and Kısa Ömürlü Açelyalar/Ephemeral Azaleas (2009). She is also the author of the novels, Kül ve Yel/Ashes and Wind (2004), Cemre (2006) and Kafdağı/Mount Kaf (2008); two investigative reports Yıkık Kentli Kadınlar/Women of the Ruined City and Cımbızın Çektikleri/Pulled by the Tweezers (co-authored by Ümran Kartal), two children’s books Uçan Salı/Flying Tuesday, Acayip Bir Deniz Yolculuğu/ A Strange Sea Voyage and a book for young adults,Yalancı Şahit/False Witness. İplikçi loves to tell stories of women and our times. Her stories have been translated into German, English, Swedish, Dutch, and Kurdish.

Her novel Cemre was published in Arabic and Albanian.

Her children book Uçan Salı was translated into German. She currently teaches part time at Istanbul Bilgi University and writes a column for Vatan newpaper.